UFO Sighting in Columbus, Wisconsin on August 13th 2016 – I looked at the sky and saw a star-like light moving through the sky.

On August 13th a friend and I were in my driveway talking and I looked up in the sky and saw a light moving slowly through the sky. It was slightly slower than an airplane you were observing, and slightly brighter than a star and there was no blinking. My immediate thought was that it was a UFO, but I thought I had seen a UFO before and it turned out to be a plane, and I live near an airport, so I was skeptical. But I took a video just in case. When I really thought it was more than a plane was when I went to watch the video the next morning, all that was there was a blank white picture that was apparently taken at the same time that I took the video. The video was gone.

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