UFO Sighting in Fernley, Nevada on August 14th 2016 – glanced out upper story window when I noticed a round object with flashing red lights around the exterior traveling north east.

Upper story bed room with curtain open to catch breeze. We were watching the tv program “Alone”. I glanced out the window for whatever reason in time to catch an object that seemed fairly large in the empty desert sky. It had red flashing lights mainly and every once in awhile you would see a green or blueish flashing light. At first I thought it was an airplane but the lights indicated that it was round. And big. The object was flying N/NE toward Fallon Nevada. I couldn’t figure out why it was the wrong shape for a plane. We (my room mate and I) watched it until it was blocked from our view by another building. Nevada has a big empty sky so getting any kind of measurement of size is hard, but this thing had to be big it looked big even at the distance we were from it. Thank you Lisa

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