UFO Sighting in East Wenatchee, Washington on August 15th 2016 – Witnessed Chrome disc object hovering over Rock island then increased altitude in air until it faded to star-like then disappeared

I was leaving south bound on SR 28 out of wenatchee near rock island when i observed a chrome object the size of quarter about 50 degrees off horizon in sky. The sky was blue and free of clouds. The object was disc like in appearance and hovered for about a minute then moved slightly west bound. No vapor trails was seen, and i thought it was a plane at first. But It was highly chrome like in appearance with a dark black spot on bottom. It was the oddest thing i have ever sern. I was driving at the time and wanted to pull over to get a picture, however traffic was heavy. Then as i drove closer to Rock island heading towards the dam, it started to fade out because it was increasing altitude. It appeared as a bright star for 10 or 15 seconds and disappeared. As i passed Rock island Dam and started to assend towards quincy i observed a jet with vapor trails heading south bound around same place object was located. A typical jet or commercial airliner. I have no idea what the object was. I pondered for next 30 minutes trying to explain it. I have seen alot of planes, helicopters, etc in the air. This object was like nothing i ever seen before. And was so reflective it was truely nothing i ever obsered before.
Dominic Mason

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