Black Triangle Sighting in Arnold, Missouri on July 3rd 2016 – Triangle shape, but based on very unusual lights pulsing. Exterior was almost pitch black. Seemed low altitude, and hovered. No sound.

Sighting occurred between 9pm-10pm. Driving home from my parents after bbq, and was first observed by my son. As we were turning onto the street where we park, my son excitedly yelled, “Dad look a UFO!” I assumed he just seen a plane or a firework, but the object he had seen caught my eye looking straight above, out of my car’s windshield. It was moving in the same direction as we were, so I continued so I could park and get a better look. This object was flying low but I would say it was about 10-15 stories high. It had a triangle like shape with very unique lights at three points, with a unique glowing pulse. I was driving about 20 MPH and about ready to pull into my parking spot, and the speed of this object seemed to be slightly faster. The reason I say this is because as I pull in to get out and get a better look, the object hovered steadily with no noise heading North West bound. Looking at Google Maps, and the direction of the object, if it had continued in the same direction, it looked to be going toward Tesson Ferry near St. Anthony’s hospital.
My wife was also in the car and she also seen the object but was not sure what it was. My initial thoughts were possibly a drone? It just seemed way too big for anyone to fly whatever it was remotely. It also made absolutely no noise. The way that this thing hovered or flew, was very ominous and for the moments we observed it, I felt uneasy.
I have never seen anything fly like this thing was flying, and I wanted to post this to see if anyone else had seen this object. I searched online for any similar sightings, since it had been the 4th of July weekend. I figured many people were watching fireworks and possibly observed this thing. Very unusual object!

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