UFO Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on August 16th 2016 – FIrey orb over North Tulsa

We were at Archer Park in North Tulsa, Oklahoma. On August 16 2016 at 9:21 pm Central time, I looked up to the South sky and witnessed a bright light traveling South to North and almost overhead. As we watched it get closer, it appeared to be a fireball flying through the sky. The object flew in a straight line, with no sound at all, overhead and continued North. The object traveled about a quarter mile North of us and then flashed a couple times and then the light went out. There was a faint puff of smoke and as the smoke cleared we were able to see a black orb. It appeared the black orb was emitting fire like light and when the light was out it was barely visible in the evening sky. The black orb appeared to be the size of a basketball from our perception. We watched the black orb continue North for a few seconds until it was out of sight. When we made it home, people at home were outside and also witnessed the object from their location. The entire sighting time was 3 minutes. I began recording video after it passed overhead. and recorded until out of sight. Unable to see the black orb on video because it was too dark.

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