UFO Sighting in Ocala, Florida on August 18th 2016 – saw bright oject in am sky so got binoculars and was shocked to see blue green orb got my wife and neighbors to see all were amazed

brought my dogs out in early am 6:30am and saw bright object in sse sky, got my celestial binoculars and could not believe what I saw. It was a circular orb with blue green color and what looked lighting bolts pulsating through it. Had my wife(a strong ufo unbeliver)look and she was amazed. I observed it for about 40 min. and neighbors were passing by going for am walk. I had them watch it through my binoculars and they could not believe what they were seing. Watched until clouds covered it up. Commercial jes airliner fly toward near end of the sighting 7am)I am extremely interested in astrophysics and astromony and an avid sky watcher. This was not of this world. I am a pharmacist and a credible witness,as are the other witnesses.Did anyone else see this. Thank you, Dave Menor

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