UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on August 18th 2016 – Red-orange object in sky above northwest London then disappears.

On Thursday August 18 at approximately 11:15 pm I looked out my bedroom window and saw a large orange-red object in the sky. It was in Northwest London. It was hovering just above the tree line. My first reaction was that it looked like a boxy lighted Chinese Lantern. It wasn’t moving, just hovering. Fairly large, with pulsating lights around it that sort of formed a triangle. I called to my mom and brother to come and see it. We went out on the balcony to see if we could see it from the outside. We couldn’t. I went back to the bedroom and my brother called and said he could now see it from the balcony. Seeing it from the balcony it now looked more like an oval shape…But still similar to a lighted Chinese lantern and the pulsating lights were gone. My brother said he could see flickering lights around it as it came into his view on the balcony. We both watched it for about a minute trying to figure out what it was. It was higher in the sky now and it was travelling northwest to northeast on a steady path and I grabbed my phone and said I was going to take a picture then all of a sudden it dimmed and disappeared as if something in the sky opened to let it in. My first thought was that it didn’t want me to take its picture. I have never seen anything like it in my life nor has my brother. We were amazed.!!!

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