Black Triangle Sighting in Milton, Vermont on August 20th 2016 – Rapidly rotating in position, flickering every color at fast speed and shape shifting observed through telescope and recorded footage along with still shot photos

8/20/16 I was up late couldn’t sleep at around 12:30 am so I stepped outside off my front porch and looked up I saw this immediately whits and red bright light seemed to be flickering so I took my android smart phone and took photos, watched it for a couple hours that night but wasn’t satisfied with the photos, so yesterday I went to toys R Us and purchased a 1000HD edu science telescope and set it up with hopes the object would return, by 11:30pm it did, I took focus off the moon to observe it and what I saw was breathtaking, rotating variation of multiple light variations and sideways body movements as I set up my cell phone to the Scopes eyepieces I zoomend in and caught astonishing footage and photos

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