Black Triangle Sighting in Liverpool, England on August 21st 2010 – Bright white sphere then noticed triangles moving slow red whit blue flashing noticed one tgen more after no sound travelled from right to left

I was watching tv in bedroom with my pregnant girlfriend when i just had a feeling to look out the window when i did to my far right i noticed a bright sphere in the distance which was strange ive never seen anything like or since it wasnt the moon.then i went downstairs in tge back garden looked at it and then i see triangle shaped craft moving slowly but soundless from by the white orb thing it was flashing in sequence red white blue the flash was straight lined with coulour when it flashed red white blue tgen i noticed about 5 more in the distance they were moving slow but going the same way as tge other one all flashing the same i thought it was strange and tge night was very silent i shouted my girl to come and have a look but she got scared and wouldnt come down i dont know what this was but its stuck wot me at that time i wasnt really interested in ufos but now i feel like im more obsessed with it and would love to know what it was also my dog was strangely quiet and wouldnt come in the back which was strange i couldnt even remeber seeing her she must of been hiding or sleeping not sure she died tge following year from a tumour in her mouth up to her nose at the time i seen the crafts i was excited and scared also felt like it was going on for 10 min or more i just seen them go off in the distance and that was that i have had other paranormal encounters also so it is strange thanks for reading .

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