Black Triangle Sighting in Mission, British Columbia on May 31st 1989 – i got my step dad to stop truck i jumped out and saw it plain as day hovering for about 3 min or so.

it was a summers day around 2pm or so and my parents and i lived in a roural part of town. we were going to go into town and as we drove off our property and down the road we only tarveled for about 300 feet or so and there was a house on the corner of dewdney trunk rd, in we turned the corner i was looking out the window and saw it. i yelled at my step dad to stop the truck and as he pulled over i jumped out and as to my amasement it was hovering right above a house it seemed to be about 20 or so feet above but it could have been more. it was solid black triangl with a snub nose and it had 3 bright lightson each of its corners. the texture on the side of it was like if you take a fork and scower the side of it by pulling it down it was texered like that.i remember my step dad saying that it was some kind of military craft and i told him no way because it never made a just hovered there and it was so quiet.i staired at it for about 3 or4 minits and i was not afraid at all, kind of like it was calling to me as i wanted to stay and admire it more and even to approach it when my dad told me to get into the truck now! and i didn’t want to.,but i did and we drove way. I guess my dad was scared because when we came home a few hours later he went another way home,and i then walked down the street and went were it was and it was gone.i was disapointed, but i remember it as it was yesterday. thanks from rick.

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