UFO Sighting in Wisconsin on August 23rd 2016 – Very bright unknown object

I went to my room and decided to watch a live video of the earth from space and went to a youtube channel called amazing space videos and from what I can see it doesnt seem like that channel talks about those weird events at all. This channel has other live videos like a live video of the sun but anyways I continued to watch this live video and went on my phone then looked up at my screen when I seen a star like light on the screen so I took a video of the live video and rewinded it and it looked like everytime it went under a cloud it would literally shine like a star and this orb like object was moving towards the sattelites direction so it could stay in the view of it. My reaction was confused because when I seen this object it looked fake or cgi because it looked like a cliche type of star but when it went under clouds is was like shining a light behind a tree because you can see it was under the clouds even when it was under because it was bright, it looked 100% real but I reccomend an expert look at the primary source of the vid after looking at this one the title should be in my video too because it was a live video on the iss. It dissapeared a min after following the view of the iss live video, I dont know how because it was under a group of clouds but didnt shine when it got under the last group of clouds but it did seem as if it shined everytime it went under a cloud. This event happened at 7:05 pm central time while i was watching this video at my house. The time might be different where the object was because this is a live video of the iss orbiting earth meaning it was most likely somewhere else and in the the video you can see this object over an ocean than once you see land which is toward the end of the video it dissapears and the video i sent in is me filming the part where it occured after it goes into the clouds i click the live video button which as you can see shows land so its now over land and the objects not in sight but was in sight while over the ocean. Other people saw the light but I decided to report it because it was beyond bright.

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