UFO Sighting in Athens, Alabama on May 11th 2016 – These were two blue orbs spotted moving about my garage, then neighbor’s backyard

I reported this incident to a website “Just Answer”, and was given your site to report my experience. I was walking our dog outside through the garage when I noticed through the garage glass door two(2) very distinct blue orbs moving about, in and around, our vehicles in the garage. It was very dark inside the garage and the orbs were very bright blue and very visible. For just a moment, I was startled by the sight, but when I finally opened the door, the two(2) blue orbs vanished. I stood there for a minute trying to gather my thoughts, and then with questions bouncing around in my brain, took our dog out back to do her business. When I got out back the two blue orbs were in our neighbors backyard and they stayed there for a long time. Actually were still there when I went back inside the house. I didn’t tell anyone for a while because I knew my family would have a field day making an ass out of me. When I finally told my wife and kids the mockery and kidding never stopped. I kept it to myself after that until I reported it to “Just Answers” to get some sort of answer and closure. I’m a 78 year old male with no agenda and I know what I saw! I will continue to keep this to myself, but I would be happy to take a lie detector test. Take care

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