A Religion Founded on Extra-Terrestrial Experiences | The Aetherius Society

A Religion Founded on Extra-Terrestrial Experiences | The Aetherius Society

George King created the spiritual organisation
in the mid-50s after he was contacted by a UFO

     IN A leafy suburb of Brisbane there sits a charming white wooden farmhouse and inside is a congregation of believers who wait patiently for intergalactic saviours from distant planets.

Rod Middleton and his wife Megan run the Australian chapter of the

Nathan Church & Alana Moorhead

Aetherius Society, a growing religion that basically cherry picks from different belief systems from throughout the ages.

They twist some details, add a New Age focus, and anchor everything in the teachings of founder George King, a Yoga-enthusiast-turned-author, who created the religion in the mid-50s after his own extra-terrestrial experiences.

Of course, some of its claims are harder to swallow than others; most notably, that their “philosophy and teachings come largely from highly advanced intelligences from the higher planes of Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn” — a statement on their official website.

Rod told news.com.au that he views the Society as “a spiritual brotherhood, dedicated to healing and service to mankind”.

After a childhood of twice-daily chapel sessions at his boarding school, and a failed attempt with a friend to contact UFOs when 14 — he dismisses this as “youthful ignorance” — Rod shunned religion in all forms and spent 25 years in what he calls “the wilderness”. …

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