UFO Sighting in London, Ontario on August 25th 2016 – saw starlike light moving east very high in sky seemed higher than planes in area. got my wife to come see it, it went straight east then seemed to slow or stop, losing elevation then continued east faster than before dissappearing from sight.

I looked up to the night sky at 9 13 pm on August 25 and noticed what looked just like a star but it was moving fast and straight. The light did not flash like the planes in the area did so i ran to the house to get my wife to come have a look. She agreed that it didnt reemnle a shooting star, or an airplane and that it was very high in the sky just like a star i tried to get video of it but the objext couldnt be seen in the footage. Its flight path was east for about 30 seconds then it stopped moving east and seemed to lose elevation but still quite high like a star. Then it continued east faster than before until it dissappeared from sight

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