UFO Sighting in Lake Kiowa, Texas on August 24th 2016 – Silent Orange Orb size of Cesna changing speed, shape and direction.

August 24 at 00:15hrs
This event lasted from 12:15 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.
I was in the backyard letting the dogs out at 12:15 a.m. under tree cover. Turned around to walk back inside and saw red orange orb appear from behind a tree at a distance, flying at the height of a Cesna on a horizontal path similar to a plane. It was silent. Appeared to be an intelligent craft with a vibrating bubble on top. As soon as I comprehended this was not a plane since there were no FAA lights, the orb accelerated with the orb/bubble leaning backwards with gforce (elongating) then returned to concentric bubble shape at higher speed. I dashed inside to get my fiance’ – took about 15 seconds. He dashed outside with me and we both saw the orb shrink suddenly to a small red light, which then changed directions and sped away from us at high speed toward the horizon, disappearing as it descended and was hidden by trees in the distance.
My cell phone was dead having been on all day at work. He didn’t bring his phone because he doubted I was really seeing something but regretted it once in the backyard.
I went back in the house, grabbed my camera and jumped in the car to head north to the far end of the lake. About 10 min later I turned around and came back, couldn’t find anything. As I turned the car around he called to tell me the object had returned but was staying at a distance and looked like a red light.
The odd thing about the bubble/orb is that is vibrated and looked like it had an energy source inside that was vibrating like a Tesla coil on the inside. The globe was translucent or frosted, concealing the light source inside. The light was darker reddish in the center and radiating out to be orange at the perimeter. The orb created a persistent ghost image as it moved.
My fiance’ remarked “Now THAT was a real UFO.” We are both familiar with aviation, astronomy and drones used for photography. This was not a drone. The lake is pitch dark at this time of night. 10 miles north is the beginning of the Chickasaw Indian territory at the Red River. We have been watching every night for the last week and it has not returned.

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