UFO Sighting in Duluth, Minnesota on August 29th 2016 – pair of solid orbs that looked like ineffectively trying to cloak

At approximately 7:30pm on 8/29/16, I went out to our deck to talk to my wife and saw her holding her pinky nail up in the air. Our deck faces toward the shore of Lake Superior, which means look to the southeast when looking toward the lake.

She said a pair of round ball-like shapes that we’re “like they were supposed to be cloaked but they weren’t because of it being twilight and the current lighting of the sky. They were both just a few shades off the color of the surrounding sky.”

She said they moved across the sky from right to left south west to north east generally, “faster than the f16 fighters that fly around here do all the time” and they were “quite a ways out, over the lake and were the size of my pinky nail at that distance. They were huge.” She did say they were right up by the clouds, “out there” which had to put them a few miles away.

(We live 1/2 to 3/4 mile from Lake Superior).

She was and is visibly shaken, she said seeing them made her sick to her stomach. She also said she tried calling for me but realized I was in the bathroom.

My first question was, did you take a picture. She said no, she was locked onto them and they moved too fast for her to have time to run into the kitchen and then back to the deck.

I just wanted to submit this to your files in case anyone else saw anything strange last night. My wife does not wish to have her name associated with, nor be contacted about this sighting. I am actually reporting this without her knowledge so if you have questions you can email me but I do not wish her to know I contacted you folks and we are not interested in receiving anything in the mail nor having any personal contact with investigators.

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