UFO Sighting in New York, New York on August 30th 2016 – We observed the random pattern of light in the sky that was stationary with no sound. The object would dart short distances randomly from time to time, but stayed in a close proximity position.

We were in our home, it was dark outside and I noticed the unusual lighting pattern when I walked by some large windows. At first I thought it was a reflection from the glass but when I walked outside it was there. Standing on my front porch I observed this stationary object with random patterns of red, white and green lights simultaneously. It remained stationary or nearly stationary for the 1 hour and 25 minutes that I observed it. Because it was dark it was impossible to tell the shape and the distance of the object. The object would occasionally dart erratically, left, right and up, never down.
I woke my wife and she observed the same things, she took video and photos. Additionally, she photographed the compass and the angle in degrees above the horizon that I measured with my iPhone apps.
During the time that I observed the object there were two airplanes and one helicopter that passed by in the vicinity, but were never close to the object. The aircraft were easily distinguished by sight and sound. The object was totally silent on a very quiet night.
The sun rose and the light of the sum caused the lights from the object to disappear.
I am a 4,000 hour pilot, and 50 ton Master U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain. I am very familiar with lights and lighting patterns, and I have never seen anything like this ever.

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