Black Triangle Sighting in Oxford, England on August 30th 2016 – Large, triangular UFO that made no sound overhead.

Oxford, UK,

i was in my back garden with my wife at 10pm last night. We live 1.2 miles from the centre of Oxford.

My wife saw it first. It came from SSW and moved in a perfect line to a direction of NNW. It was triangular with a light at each angle (so 3). They were a yellow, orange colour.
It was lower in the sky than any aircraft but was huge and completely silent. It also had a strange glow about it.
It moved more gracefully than anything I’ve ever seen in the sky.

Its outline was clearly visible despite it being night time, but it was a clear night with no clouds.

I have been skeptical about the UFO phenomena over the last few years but this was 100% real and something I will never forget and am so grateful for having witnessed.

During the sighting our back light came on, which it hasn’t in a while, but it did not detract from what we saw.

It vanished out of sight behind a building due to its trajectory and flight path relevant to our position as viewers

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