UFO Sighting in Beattyville, Kentucky on October 15th 2015 – My mother and I seen several black balls with a single red light at the bottom of each hovering around our house

I had went outside to smoke and it was a full moon,so you could see everything clearly.I noticed a huge jet flying over so low that you could see the light from the engine’s. At this time I looked over and seen four to five black spheres hovering above the trees in our front yard and three more in back. They made no noise and had what looked like one red led in the front. You could also see heat signatures coming from the bottom of the spheres. But the trees were not moving. One seemed to follow my movements as I went to get my mother. She grabbed her camera as I told her what was outside, when we went back they were all still in the same places as when I left except one now was hovering above the house. Mom tryed to flim one but when she raised the camera one dropped to ground level at which time I told her to stop. She lowered the camera and turned it off as she did the sphere returned to the others. We stood watching the spheres for what seemed like thirty minutes when another jet flew over one sphere shot straight up and followed it. This continues until only one sphere is left above the house. It stayed there for about five more minutes until it flew south out of sight. My mother and I were stunned and scared at what we had just witnessed. We have seen strange lights in the skys before and sense then but the black spheres have never returned.

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