UFO Sighting in Evans, Georgia on April 15th 2016 – From my niec’s deck I first saw 4 triple diamond shaped objects flying at a distance above neighbors roof line.

House, pet sitting for my niece at site of viewing. Stepped out on deck to smoke cigarette. Don’t know time of night. Leaning on deck rail enjoying the night sky. More stars visible than at my home. I first noticed 4 triple diamond shaped objects in the S.W. Above neighbors roofline. I heard no noise. At the estimated distance I have heard prop planes, jets, and rotor propelled craft. I heard nothing. The first 4 were flying in a strange formation offset at an angle. 2 other craft in same picture following at a distance in different formation. Then another craft at a distance I saw by itself at same elevation. I took second picture. The second picture shows a following craft on the edge of frame. I took 2 photos showing showing a total of 8 crafts. I am 62 and not up on using smart phone. I didn’t have presence of thought to switch to record feature. The 8 craft I have pictures of were followed by at least 40 other craft flying in different gaps and formations. I had the feeling I was reading Braille, morse code, or other coded message. They were flying in a N.W. Direction from my vantage point. The images in the photos looked completely different than seen by the naked eye. I served in the U.S. Navy for 8 and a half years. I stood lookout duty aboard ship at times. I have been to 22 countries and 49 states. Crossed the international dateline several times, the equator twice. I became a hospital corpsman 2nd class (E5).. I joined the navy at the age of 17 in Jan. of 1971. I was honorably discharged in June 1979. I Remained in the medical field in different positions, including working for the Fairfax County P.D. In the technical services dept. did the testing on D.U.I. Suspects. I was called to court approximatly 1,500 times. I was considered an expert witness in, 7 city courts, 2 county courts, state and federal court. I wish to be of any help possible in this matter. I do not have a computer, so the E-Mail address is my nieces. The phone number is mine, call anytime. Would like to text photos to an investigator. There arei 2 episodes of N.A.S.A.’s Unexplained Files that match my photos. Season 2 Episode 08 and Season 4 Episode 03. Both of those depict a craft filmed fron the I.S.S. during space walks in 2013. They show the crafts against the blackness of space. Mine show within our sky with the neighbors roofline. A measureable distance and height.
Please call for photos to be texted to you. That is only way I know to send.

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