UFO Sighting in Fredericksburg, Virginia on September 17th 2006 – Putting air in my Prius’s rear tire, while kneeling on driveway, and rose up and saw UFO at 70 deg angle in sky.

Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
ATTN: General “Name Withheld For Privacy Reasons”
Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, D.C. XXXXX-XXXX

SUBJECT: Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Sighting Illustrating Unexplainable and Amazing Technology That had Cut a Hole in Our Sky to Leave Earth

Dear Sir,

You do not know me, but I feel that writing my civilian authority or my congressman would be a waste of time. I am writing you this letter to tell you about the subject UFO (flying saucer) encounter of the first kind I had (saw) in the sky over Fredericksburg, Virginia back in September of 2006 from my home���s driveway in Spotsylvania County. It was the most extraordinary thing I have ever witnessed in my life. I have been waiting almost six years to tell it. I cannot get the image I saw out of my mine. I should have written down the date and time, but I have just been trying to forget about it and hope I never see anything like it again. The comparison to my experience would be like a caveman seeing the space shuttle take off for the first time. It frighten me that much and I was just mentally stunned when I observed it.

The subject event has made me question my own faith, real existence, and the rationale of trying to explain to myself what exactly I saw. I did not have a camera that day I encountered it, but have made a simple drawing to illustrate the magnitude of the subject object. What I could see of the ship is that it was huge, possibly the size of three large two-story houses and that was only half the size of the ship. I do not remember the exact day, since I have been trying to forget the event, although I believe it was on a Sunday afternoon about maybe thirty minutes before nightfall. I remembered it being on a Sunday because when I worked I would check the air pressure in my car���s tires every Sunday afternoon so I would have no trouble driving to work on interstate 95 to Fort Belvoir, VA. I am now a retired GS-13 and retired from the Headquarters, U.S. Army Materiel Command before the command relocated to Huntsville, Alabama. Sir, you can also check out my integrity with AMC and they will back me up as a truthful and honest hard working employee.

Sir, in addition, I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran and thought I have seen every known aircraft and spacecraft known to man. As for UFOs I have seen still photographs, movies of UFOs, and drawings of such objects, but DID NOT BELIEVE that they exist (I was a skeptic for sure), not any longer! I now know from my experience that there exist extraterrestrial life beyond or outside our earth. The following describes the event that I witnessed by pure chance.

While putting air into my car���s driver���s side back tire���, I stood straight up to rest my legs and ankles after using an air pressure gage to check my tire. And as I looked unintentionally at the sky at a seventy-degree angle, I noticed half of this large object just hanging in the sky, just like a ���Post-to Note��� hanging on a bulletin board, between two big clouds and not moving. The UFO was stationary between two clouds and I could only see half of it while the other half seemed to have disappeared or be invisible in the sky, like if you would cut half of a silver dollar in half and paste it to a bulletin board. The half of the UFO I did see was medium lead gray in color and smooth all over with a bulge in the middle. There were no windows, lights, or protruding fins or engines of any kind. It made no sound; it just seemed to be just hanging there. I then noticed that the half that I could see had like a fluid or wave of some kind (which was invisible) trying to cover the other half of the ship that was visible to me. The edges of the fluid or wave sparkled as if it was trying to cover the remaining half of the flying saucer. To me, the edges of the fluid or wave looked more like a rip in our sky than a fluid trying to cover the craft. It looked like OUR SKY WAS CUT OPEN, like if someone would cut open a hole into some type of material fabric on a bulletin board (our sky).

On television and in books I have seen pictures of hovering saucers moving about and flying meteors mistaken for UFOs, but I have never seen anything like this before or anywhere. This UFO must use some type of anti-gravity device or generate its own gravity to have held itself in the sky as it did.
I was frighten and tried to tell my wife, but she did not believe me and still does not believe me today even after I showed her the picture I drew. I wanted to contact someone in the U.S. Government to let them know about this event so that my country and the other countries that live on our planet would be warned of this potential danger from this extraterrestrial life.

*The detailed letter above was written on April 15, 2012, to the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington,DC.

*******HOT: I originally thought that this happened to me in the year 2004. The aliens that had abducted me, did something to my mind (they tried to wipe my memory) and it took months and days for me to realize that the incident happened on 17 September, 2006. It took me months and days to figure out in my mind what had happened to me and why I was having these disruptions in my mind about seeing the UFO while ascending to it and then seeing it like I was descending from it. I could not get these thoughts out of my mind as they would just pop into my mind while I was in church, watching television, sleeping (before these thoughts woke me up), at work as I was just trying to live my life as normal as possible. I believe I was transported from the ground to the ship and then returned to my original position on the ground. I did have a watch on , but do not remember seeing if time was lost or I missed a length in time (I could not remember), but I do remember seeing the time before I started refilling the air in my car’s tires (it was around 5:45 PM (more or less). Months later, my memory even recalled when I first saw the UFO from my driveway (it’s bottom was circular and solid black) come over my house’s roof. This UFO also had a bulge in the center on top of the UFO and the UFO was disc-shape and smooth all over, no cracks, windows, engines, doors, or markings of anykind were visible outside of the craft. It looked similar in design to the flying saucer that appeared in the first movie called the “Day The Earth Stood Still”, but the UFO I saw seemed to be perfect (flawless) in design and looks. When I witnessed the UFO depart through the rip in our sky, there was still no sound and as it departed through the fabric of our sky, a warm feeling came over me and I felt at peace like I have never felt before, but they had tried to erase my memory which had disrupted my mind with visions of ascending to the UFO and descending from it. It was driving me nuts back then, and I finally told my wife what was happening to me, because of a UFO sighting from our driveway, after I finally was able to convince her that UFOs are real.

I want to tell you about my other abductions before I die of old age or disease and they are lost forever (after, I got my memory back, I started to remember things) and this was not the first time that I was abducted.
However, I want you to not use my name, instead you can refer to me as
Mr. John Smith. I was abducted as a child between eight and eleven years
old, I think; all I remember for about two or three years when I would look at the stars at night from my bedroom window. I would fall asleep and would wake up after something in my head (an over powering command) told me to get dress and come walking and this occurred between 3:30 AM and 4:30 AM (1958 through 1961) in the morning. My father caught me a few times as I tried to walk blocks (maybe miles) from my house at night in Norfolk, Virginia. I would return and sneek back into my parents’ house after being exhausted from walking and then returning to sleep late the following day. This never happened in the winter months, only during the summer months. My mother would inquire why are you always so tired in the morning and during the day? Today, I am amazed that I am still alive, because I was not kidnapped or raped and killed somewhere.

*******HOT: In Septembet 1991 I was working for the U.S. Army at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and was assigned to attend a training course at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, I am too tired to type out this nutty story, so bring a tape recorder to here the details. Anyway, I woke from
a sleep in my pickup truck in which I should have been driving and moving,
but I was safely put, truck and all, inside of this grassie area inside of
a cloverlief on an interstate highway somewhere between Ohio or Indiana, on my way back home after successful completion of the training course. I do remember smoking a cigarette and drinking a large coffee while driving, that I purchased after leaving the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base before entering the interstate to drive back to Kansas. I purchased the coffee
to keep me awake and at the time, I smoked, even while driving. When I woke up behind the wheel of my pickup truck, my truck engine was running, but there was no coffee spilled or coffee cup found in my truck on the floor or any spills on my body. In addition, there was no cigarette burns on my body or burns on the seat or floor of my truck. It was like someone had picked me and my truck up as one unit and removed the coffee and cigarette from me and taken me off the highway and put me far into a safe grassie spot in the inner part of a cloverlief highway. I did not see any
tire tracks or paths cut into the grass in the cloverleaf by my pickup truck.

*******HOT: In Virginia Beach, Virginia on Shore Drive in 1994, you will have to bring your tape recorder.

*******HOT: Seoul, South Korea, will have to tape story, I think I was being looked for!

****ALSO HOT: On December 13, 2013 between the hours of 2:30 AM and 3:45 AM, I do not know the exact time, because I was too scared to think properly. I was about to be abducted again (they tried, but I was able to call 911 and get two (2) deputy sheriffs for Spotsylvania County to come to my house).

It started on the night of December 13, 2013 as I was preparing to go to bed, I was in the downstairs bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and my house started to vibrate. As I stood up and opened the door I saw a empty white water pitcher in a washbowl move briefly half way across a hall table towards me. I then washed up and made my way upstairs to my bedroom where my wife was sleeping in bed. I removed my clothes and put on my pajamas and went to bed and as I laid down and tried to go to sleep, I felt very uneasy and felt like someone was watching me through my ceiling and the hairs rose up on the back of my neck and I decided to get my firearm and call 911. As I had my cell phone in one hand and my gun in the other, I proceeded downstairs to wait for the deputy sheriffs to arrive at the front door. As I was about to leave my bedroom, I looked towards the two
(2) front windows in my bedroom and heard a big loud whoosh sound coming from the top of my roof.

Then,I proceeded to go downstairs and during this time, I had the 911 operator online the whole time as she told me that the two officers were on their way. I told her that I was taking the ammo clip out of my pistol and putting the empty gun on my kitchen table for the officers to see that I had disarmed the gun. One of the officers went behind my house and found nothing, but the next morning, I found footsteps leading up to my backdoor that I saw through my kitchen door.

When the deputy sheriffs showed up, I did not tell them that I thought that I was about to be captured by a UFO and I did not inquire if they had seen anything hovering over my house. I had no proof, not even a sighting to report, I was too scared to go outside and I knew that this was not a dream or nightmare, I had been awake the whole time and after the deputies left, I looked in my downstairs bathroom and saw in the mirror that my face was as red as blood from being scared to death.

Even for the sighting above in 2006, I never reported it to the Spotsylvania County Sheriffs’ Department as a UFO sighting.

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