UFO Sighting in Tifton, Georgia on August 26th 2016 – copperish yellow light moves from North to South at 45 to 50 degrees overhead

I was smoking a cigarette and walking around in my backyard (which has no trees in it and so it is very open) a little before 12 on Friday night, when something in the sky catches my eye. As I’m trying to figure out what it is, thinking maybe it’s a low flying plane, i notice that it was way too low to be an airplane, as it was 45 or 50 degrees overhead, and was a yellowish coppery color that didn’t blink or have any other lights on it like planes usually do. It’s low enough that I can see it move north to south across the sky. I had been watching it move across the sky for about a minute and a half from when I first noticed it. It wasn’t fast, maybe moving only about 200-250 feet in that time. Then it stopped moving and seemed to lower itself down and move forward a bit, making it seem like it was stopping to focus on something. This immediately made me uncomfortably nervous and scared. I felt like it had noticed me or seen me watching it or something. I have no idea what this thing was and I felt like it had noticed me and was surveilling me. At that point, my fight or flight kicked in and I went inside. I’m outside nearly every night, and so I see airplanes flying overhead all the time. This was no an airplane. I got it in my head that maybe it was a drone of some sort, thinking maybe the police in my town were using it for surveillance, but did research on it and found out that the county doesn’t allow drone use. So either it was a random person using a drone, an unauthorized use of a drone by a police officer, or something else.

All I know is that I felt like I was being watched and it scared me enough to feel the need to document it.

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