Alien Encounter in Farmington Hills, Michigan on August 31st 2016 – I was approached by a Federal Agent at 7am approx and questioned about what I knew on extraterrestrials.

On August 31 a federal agent came to my current residing address in Farmington Hills in Oakland County. I was asked if my name was Justin M. and I answered yes. I was then asked what I was doing between the hours of 8pm and 3pm on the 30th of August. I answered I had spent the night with my girlfriend and watched videos online. He then asked me what is my knowledge of extraterrestrials? I answered I have been researching conspiracy theories about other life then human beings and I believed in extraterrestrials. I was then basically told that any further research into the topics of extraterrestrials , I would be arrested and put in federal prison. The man then walked away and got in his jeep (black cruiser with a x through the license plate and drove away) and drove away.

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