Alien Encounter in Sacramento, California on August 15th 1983 – No ufo

I have for the last 3 years tried to find the right person to tell my story too and collect as much info on it as i most possibly can find and its been quite the adventure doing so here we go.
It all started in Fairbanks AL in the late 70s my dad worked on the Alaskan pipeline and we lived near a air force base were i would be playing outside on playgrounds like every kid, the thing that i remember the most was trying to talk to my mom and other kids and they all seemed to be in a kinda sleep mode type stage i would talk to them but not much of a response back, and the other children I played with were a little different then me and were fine except they just sounded and looked a little different but I thought not much of it.
We soon moved to Sacramento when I was around 6 and this is when it got serious for me, At the hottest times of summer (now in the 80s) the beings I now know as the Tall Whites would wake me up some how and I would play with there children outside, it never seemed that weird to me growing up with and looked forward to seeing them. the older I got tho the more I would see the adults and they would communicate with me. The one time that sticks out the most is when I was out with the family running arones, I was tagging along in the back going into one of many stores my mom was dragging us in and as soon as I walked in I saw the two Tall Whites walking out, they walked right by me and said ” Michael be careful” using telepathy like always( u hear them but not with your ears) is the best way to describe it. and then stared and smirked at me, I couldn’t stop starring as they walked off then disappeared into the parking lot. But like usual everyone was in a dream like state and couldn’t respond to me quickly at all its like there half asleep or something, it doesn’t seem to work on me whatever is going on am always alert and fine. i have more details of my events but that sums it up so you have an idea. I also see a lot of ufos and have some pics.
I have some other physical things that are different.
I hope this info helps in some way, I’ve had a long time to process this and thought it was time to share this. Thanks for your time and everything you do.

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