UFO Sighting in Leander, Texas on August 25th 2016 – It was a beach ball sized ord that was a beautiful golden, radiant color

August 11th around 11:47 pm my fianc��e and I were looking at the stars and talking. She lives in the country on 10 acres and the area she lives in has zero light pollution. We were sitting on the back of my cars trunk facing due west and noticed what we thought was a star getting brighter and closer. We both got off of my car and started walking very slowly toward the star but then realized it was an orb and the orb was coming toward us doing a slight zig zag then travelled directly towards us. We both stopped in our tacks and she grabbed my hand and we both were just amazed how beautiful this orb was. It was the size of a beach ball and was glowing an absolute beautiful golden radiant color. It got as close as 30-40 yards from us and made a sharp 90�� turn right ( south). It was tree top level when it turned south and out of view. I ran closer to try and get a closer look but it was gone. I’m very upset with myself for not getting my phone out and taking a pic or video but the whole experience lasted 45 seconds to a minute. The orb was so beautiful it just captivated me(us) and we just didn’t snap out and get evidence.

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