UFO Sighting in Pentewan, England on August 23rd 2016 – A sphere shape that looked like a planet very close to the sun

I was on holiday in Cornwall England on the south coast it was a clear day with no clouds I noticed a rainbow that looked like it was going around the sun and though that would make a Google photo this was on the 23rd of August 2016 at 14:42 uk time. I was not till a few days later that I noticed a yellow sphereshape quite close to the sun and when I zoomed in to me it looked like a planet. I searched on good to see if there were any visible planets or comets visible on that time and date and to my amazement there was not. I really don’t know what this could be to me I feel really excited that it could be sometime unknown and really gutted that I did not notice it at the time I took the photo

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