UFO Sighting in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida on September 1st 2016 – Multiple Hovering Lights

We were driving North on I-95 when we noticed 2 entities side by side. Each entity had 2 lights like headlights. The lights were softly blinking. As we were looking at them… a 3rd light appeared above one light. Then a right light appeared the other… forming a sort of rectangle. The objects appeared to be stationary… but after watching them for a few seconds, one started to move west. What looked like just floating lights… all of a sudden, changed into a plane. The 3rd light that had appeared did the same thing. It was stationary for a while before all of a sudden, it started moving and looked like a “plane”. The last remaining “headlight” looking objects remained stationary. We are driving on the highway going between 60-70 mph…. we were getting closer and closer to it all while it remained stationary. Then, like the others, as soon as got close enough to kind of see it, it began to move and then become like a “plane”. However, before it did this… it changed from 2 lights, to 3 like a triangle (you can see that in my video). It was NOT a plane. First of all, it was a lot lower than a plane should ever be (even if it were that low, you would see the shape of the plane), you would hear it (it was completely silent) and a car going 60 mph could never catch up to a plane like that. It was very bizarre.

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