UFO Article: “My UFOs and Nukes Documentary: The Debunkers Remain Oddly Silent”

By Robert L. Hastings, 1 September 2016
(The UFO Chronicles, 3 September 2016)
Quote from the article:
“Given that the film presents several authenticated documents and on-camera interviews with vetted military witnesses, all discussing the reality of the decades-long UFO-Nukes Connection, perhaps the skeptics have finally realized the futility of their unceasing efforts to debunk the UFO-nukes link.
Nah, that can’t be it. This crowd will never admit—even to themselves—that their misguided, weak arguments are now untenable. Maybe they are just lying low, realizing that they have nothing to gain by critiquing the film, in light of the overwhelming evidence it presents. (Now that I have written this article, look for some of them to claim that they didn’t want to pay five bucks to support my ‘nonsense,’ which gives them a convenient excuse not to comment.)
Regardless, after five months online, the documentary has received near-unanimous praise from persons living all over the planet. And the audience is growing ever larger by the week, now far surpassing the number of readers who tackled my 600-page book. In short, things are moving in the right direction, in terms of public education, which is my overarching goal.”


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