UFO Sighting in Castroville, Texas on August 30th 2016 – Star Like Objects Observed Moving Erratically Very High Altitude

As a lifelong star gazer, I was very pleased when we moved to Castroville from San Antonio a few years ago a little farther from the light pollution of a major city, can’t even see Polaris in the city! I am very familiar with the major constellations in both hemispheres as well as how satellites and stars should behave in their orbits, and have seen ISS fly overs more than a few times (as well as odd military aircraft, which may be odd, but still move and may sound like aircraft). Since moving here, I have observed while star gazing, stars (or objects) in the night sky that simply just do not behave “normally”. I star gaze at least four nights a week naked eye and these objects are not observed every night but I do see them at least once weekly.

In the past few years, usually looking toward Ursa Major (I always start my scan there first after night fall), I will pick up a star like moving object or see an out of place star (I often see these in Orion while scanning as well) or a star that is already moving. Obviously the human eye is drawn to movement especially when it occurs in a place it should not, to those familiar with the night sky an out of place star warrants the same attention. Sometimes they are satellites moving in their set orbit path as I observe them moving at the correct speed, or the ISS, aircraft are a no brainer with their Christmas light displays of red, white and green (even the F-117 has to display at least the minimum legal FAA light requirements when operating in the United States). The disturbing things I have observed (and if I can get my wife off the couch to come see in time, she has seen one or two) is when the out of place star(s) begins to move or the moving star I picked up slows down, hovers, moves off at a high rate of speed, or splits into three objects that move three different directions at three different speeds.

I’m not sure what these objects are, where they come from, or where they are going. I can say that I can not remember a time when I’ve seen so many odd things in the night sky. I’ve spent time in places with pretty much zero light pollution looking skyward every night, saw some awesome meteor showers, but never things like this this frequently. Thank you MUFON for what you do, you might want to send a team to Medina County Texas for a week or two to star gaze every night!

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