UFO Sighting in Cleebronn, Baden-Württemberg on September 3rd 2016 – Hovering over my head flipping around with a light in the middle.

I was walking home when I seen this object over my head about 300 to 500 feet above circle with a beam in the middle and a light in the center of the beam.Flipping around and light blinking in the middle.stoped as if it new I was looking at it.stayed over my head and others also seen this UFO a man on a bicycle at traffic light.I watched for over 10 min, before moving up and away seen another black spear going west at 500 feet above this white silver round tube with a tube stucture going across the middle with a blinking light dead center no sound.Planes flying not to far off.Air port Stuttgart 20 min away.This has been the 4th or 5th I,ve seen since 2011 I,ve seen in Germany.I see them all my life and I think I was abducted in the 70s in USA fla.as a child going to school in orlando fl.year 1971.Am a UFO Hunter!!!.Thank You!MUFON and people keep looking up our Bro n Sis are watching us always………………PEACE to all!.

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