UFO Sighting in Tampa, Florida on August 16th 2016 – A silver metallic lenticular-shaped UFO was wobbling/spinning (8-10 revolutions per second – like how fast a car’s tire would spin at 50 MPH) while hovering.

This took place on August 16, 2016 at around 6:22 PM EST in Tampa, Florida. I was looking out the dining room window (which has hurricane shutters – see the image provided) to see if Fedex has arrived our home with the delivery of something we ordered. As I peered through the shutters, I immediately saw a bright chrome-silver metallic lenticular-shaped object, a dirigible (you know, like a blimp) but with tapered or pointed ends, visibly wobbling/spinning so fast while hovering just above the treetops or above and somewhat behind the neighbor’s house across the street in front of my house. It was so obvious that it was not man-made or anything of the sort – it was as if an extraterrestrial being wants to wave her or his hand 1 foot away from your face saying “hello?! I am here, do you see me or not?” The spinning was so rapid and after thinking back I came to realize that the spinning was around 8 to 10 revolutions (one full turn = one revolution) per second – it was spinning laterally (from side to side) as if it was a car tire going 50 MPH. Just when I switched my iPhone to camera mode, it no longer is there. As if nothing happened. This visual encounter is quite memorable and a reminder that YOU can certainly see something that is not of this earth. Boy, I just love them and wish I would meet these darling extraterrestrial beings one day. Don’t deny it, folks, they are out there and in all forms. Gilda&Avery

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