UFO Sighting in Tampa, Florida on July 3rd 2016 – Two of us saw a shiny white oval-shaped UFO that glided across and disappeared into the clouds. NOT a man-made object or a meteorological event.

It was around 8:05 PM EST, July 3, 2016 in Tampa, Florida, when two of us were swimming in our screened-in backyard pool. As UFO researchers ourselves, it is natural for us to occasionally look at the skies in hoping to catch a glimpse of any extraterrestrial vehicles other than aircraft, commercial drones, etc. One of us was in the middle of the pool and one of us was at the other end of the pool when, surely, both of us simultaneously spotted a very bright metallic white oval-shaped UFO object at 65-70 degrees or almost right above our heads appear out of nowhere (don’t kid yourselves, extraterrestrials don’t make an announcement of when they would come, they got lives of their own) and we immediately told each other to look at the skies in American Sign Language because we both are Deaf. Both of us looked at the object glide so beautifully and smoothly across the sky (like how you would see an air hockey puck start gliding the moment you turn on the equipment) and determinedly disappeared the moment it entered one of the cloud banks.

We were taught the importance of following our instincts and use common sense. We have scoured the skies with our eyes just about every time we go out or swim in the backyard – and we knew what we saw. Not a man-made object, please no haters or wanna-be debunkers, we know better. It was not a firework object, not an airplane, not a drone, not a kite, not a satellite, not an astronomical object, not weather related, not a weather balloon, not a science project gone bad or a Frisbee. Read our lips: it was a UFO controlled by extraterrestrial intelligent being(s).

In our perspective, we simply feel that the intelligent being(s) behind the object was just trying to say “hello” and that they are in existence, no matter how much our government tries to cover up or be angrily or sarcastically explained away by the narrow minded ninnies. We are not the ones that would let others think or decide for us, we have a mind and knew what we saw, to simply put it. Don’t let fools with degrees or authority tell you what to think or believe, remember that.

All in all, we wish for you guys to experience the same way, some day and don’t give up hope even if you don’t see anything – yet. Gilda&Avery

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