Black Triangle Sighting in Neuchâtel, Neuchâtel on February 28th 2011 – Triangle with 3 lights flying close over the street Rue Auguste Bachelin

I was sitting together with my wife in the livingroom of my apartment at Rue de la Cote in Neuchatel Switzerland. My wife sat under a side window of the room from where you can see the Rue Auguste Bachelin.

It was already dark outside an there were nearly no cars in that road anymore. There is anyway not much traffic in that road. It was very silent outside and inside we had no light switched on as we were watching TV. It is impossible that this is any reflection from the inside.

Then I turned around to talk to my wife and I saw a huge Triangle with 3 Lights under each corner. It was approx. 15-20 meters wide and maybe 1,5 meters high. The edges were rounded and there were no windows or anything to see. Maybe there was something on the top but that was not visible from that angle.

The Object was flying/hovering maybe 10 meters or lower from west to east, following the street. From my window I was able to see it around 10-20 seconds. Unfortunately I didn’t run to see it from the kitchen window because I was like stunned from that encounter. The speed was very low but I cannot tell how fast it was. It seemed to me like it was searching something like a Police helicopter but it was sure no helicopter. I am a FPV Drone Pilot myself and I know how a helicopter flies and that it has to make (a lot of) sound when flying so low.

Surface was black matte without any symbols or markings as far as I have seen it. The next week I have searched in google for a triangle UFO and it looks nearly exactly like the one described in the “Belgium UFO Wave” from 1989 but without the red light in the middle.

My wife asked me what was wrong but before I could answer the object was gone. She was making jokes of me so I didn’t talk to anybody about that until now. But I am nearly sure that someone else must have seen it. Please let me know if there are other reports so I know I am not crazy.

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