Black Triangle Sighting in Port Costa/Chicago, California on August 6th 1973 – while diving home I saw 2 ufo’s hovering over Port Chicago Oil Tefineries & one over the USNavy Mothball Fleet in Carquinez Straits

I saw 2 very large objects hovering over the mothball fleet and the oil refinery @ Port Chicago. I was driving home following a very restful vacation @ Lake Tahoe. I started to feel uneasy in my gut. As I rounded a corner of a hillside, the view of the water of the Carquinez Starts. I soon saw a strange triangle shaped vehicle hovering over the southern bank of the straits. There were what looked like shark gills on the flair underside of the vehicle. A bank of lights showed a wall of light lighting up the ground below it. As I continued around the next hillside I could see a second vehicle with the similar gill like banks of lights. My first thought was to stop along side the road. Suddenly a wave of fear said for me to keep driving. So I did. I just felt this was something to be told before I die,

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