‘Star Trek’ Tech Here and Now

USS Enterprise at Smithsonian

     From phasers to communicators, the science of “Star Trek” seemed so incredibly futuristic when the first show aired 50 years ago, on Sept. 8, 1966. But as a new Smithsonian Channel documentary explains, a lot of the tech is already in our lives now – 200 years ahead of schedule.
Elizabeth Howell

One of the themes of “Building Star Trek” (which airs tonight, Sept. 4) is how much of the technology is already present in our everyday lives. As curators race to preserve half-century-old artifacts for display at two museums featured in the film, the documentary makers travel across the United States to find people who make their living using and researching “Star Trek”-like technologies.

“There is something so incredibly special about it; it touches people in a way that all great art does,” said Elizabeth Trojian, the co-executive producer for the film. …

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