UFO Sighting in Brockville, Ontario on July 15th 1980 – Spere like, alternating colors, i remember red blue green, very large.

When i was approx 8 years old my mother, sister and i were sitting on the dock at my families cottage in Bass Lake, leeds and grenville Ontario. This was some time ago so all times are approx. i believe it was around 9:30-10 pm at night when we looked across the bay we saw a large spere hovering over a cottage/house(the Howards),we all stared at it for a while then tried yelling for my father who was sleeping in the trailer, we called him several times and when he finally woke, i remember hearing the door latch open and that is when the object took off in a streak of light. We didn’t talk about this for years as we were afraid of what people would think, i realize the time frame and details make it hard to investigate but i have always wondered if anyone else had ever witnessed this encounter. I have to believe the Howards saw something but was always afraid to ask.
While we watched the craft time seemed to pass very slowly. I have believed in “something” being out there ever since and as a young adult found myself chasing other lights across the country side at night.
My main purpose for writing is to get this off my chest as we have told very few people about our encounter in the 30 plus years since it happened.
Thank you.

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