UFO Sighting in Coromandel, Waikato on September 1st 2016 – mothership, orb an smaller crafts

I always look skywards .the night was bright an windless.. only the birds were sayin goodnight . there was the odd car goin past every 1/2 hr as the town I live is so small .. this time as I walked outside I noticed this very big bright glowin ball . huge compared with stars . ran an got my camcorder . filmed it for approx. 17 mins the mother ship was opening a platform an smaller craft were takin off at all angles . plus also exitin from below . there were definitely 6 smaller craft .. maybe 7 .. there also was an red orb beneath some distance of which one of the smaller ships attached itself to . distance me to ships approx. 2 miles .. this was amazing footage . however . I downloaded this to my laptop in 4 dif places in case I lost some . an sent the vid to family an friends . however nobody received it .. yesterday .. approx. 4 days later I checked the video.. some bastard had hacked it .. the video was now 5-6 mins long . it got a quick showing of one smaller craft .. of which they missed . the sounds are of the city with cars trucks etc goin past. also later on it has sounds of gale force winds .the cam recorder also had been hacked .. I will send to u whats left of it .. now I tried to send but the file is to big .. plus whats to say these bastards arnt goin to steal it again .. what’s not to say u guys arnt one of them . so if u want the movie u will have to find someway of getting it .. I do not trust ”drop box ” tve drawn some pic s for u . pete

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