UFO Sighting in Duggendorf, Bayern on April 30th 2000 – on bus to school, many children witnessed, two large commercial aircraft seemed to investigate (flew so close to it they vanished in the bright light before reapearing at the other side)


In the year 2000 in summer I was sitting in a school bus filled with children between 7:30am and 8:00am (local time) on a day without any clouds in the sky.

For some reason, unknown to me, we stopped on a parking lot at a small village for several minutes (maybe picked up students, but it took a lot longer than usual, the engine was off).

the parking lot is here(coordinates from google earth)

49�� 7’33.09″N

I always used to look out of the window observing the sky (I loved airplains)

I have always been interested in aircraft of all kind.

Then on the right side of the bus I noticed a huge commercial aircraft far away in the sky. Curious, I watched it come closer.
(it was tiny like an ant or beatle and must have flown very high)

As the airplane came closer I noticed a hugh yellow Sphere hovering high in the sky right above the bus
(maybe a disc I was looking up at almost 90 degrees)

I thought of the sun(they size was similar but that wasn’t what I saw.
It was early in the morning but the sphere was nearly 90 degrees in the sky
I knew it wasn’t the sun. It was bright but looking at it didn’t hurt my eyes.
I knew it was an UFO (what else could a huge glowing, floating sphere have been (it was NO ball lightning!)).
I don’t know the altitude of the Sphere.

The UFO was about here

49�� 7’34.27″N

There were no details, no pulsating, no movement, no sound (it was loud in the bus).
It was a bright yellow circle
(As if you took a picture of a landscape and used photoshop to draw a perfect circle with no outline in bright yellow paint)

Completely eccyted and fascinated I informed all children around me, even shouted, but only a few looked out of the window(at least 5).

By the time I looked out of the window again, the aircraft was very close already, flying exactly to the Sphere without trying to avoid it.

Then I noticed another commercial aircraft coming from a different angle also heading right for the Sphere.

At first I was afraid, thought that the first plane had crashed with the sphere, but about two seconds after their sillhouettes touched the plane reappeared at the other side of the sphere (It must have flown right above it, with the sphere between the Bus and the plane)

By this time the second plane had reached the Sphere and vanished behind it too, appearing at the other end in 1 or 2 seconds.

I could not see the first plane anymore as the roof of the bus blocked my view it was heading Soutwest.

The second plane didn’t change its direction and flew away heading Northeast (I think it started at Munich Airport(MUC)).

The sphere was still visible without moving in any way.

Seeing two commercial aircraft coming from different angles intersecting on the same spot is unusuall on its own.

I think the planes were investigating the UFO, taking a close look.

As the planes were very close to each other, they knew their positions and must have communicated with ground control and with each other – at least to avoid a collision of the planes and the sphere.

Then the bus driver started the engine and drove on the street again so that the cabin roof blocked the sphere from my view.

I wanted to look out of the opposite window but there were so many students in the vehicle that I couldn’t (changing seats while driving was forbidden)

After another corner I was able to look for the Sphere again, but it had vanished without a trace (couldn’t make out both planes either)

I told my teachers about it – they didn’t believe me.
I told my parents about it – they didn’t believe me either.

Frustrated I stopped talking about it – no one cared (at least five children(me included) saw it for sure).

That is the reason I didn’t report the sighting to anyone else but all details are engraved in my memory.

I don’t know the date of the sighting. As none cared I didn’t investigate further (how could I as a boy 5 or 6 years old)

I know it’s not many details (hope I didn’t waste Your time (that’s why I report it 16 years later in 2016))

I thank You for reading this report.

If you know something please let me know – I hope You blelieve me.

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