UFO Sighting in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on September 3rd 2016 – Three different aircraft that resembled candle floating lanterns. But we’re fast and the lights were bright red like a rocket. The last one stopped started to zig zag then shot down rapidly to earth.

While at elephant butte lake I was walking towards another campsite when someone runs up to me and tells me to look. I look up and I see what I thought was something burning up in the atmosphere, it was traveling too slow was too close to be a satellite, and the lights didn’t blink at all. That one went in a straight light across the sky until it disappeared in the distance. The next one or I guess the 4th one started on the same path as the others but stopped once I started to record it on my phone it stops turns around and starts to zig zag then at high rates of speed crashes to earth. It seemed to be far from us but it was so big it seemed close. People at the lake are saying it looks like one of those candle lanterns that you release to float away. Except it was moving fast and it had a headlight in the front that I thought was a rocket engine at first except it was inthefront of the craft. It also made no noise while it flew by. Please feel free to call with questions.

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