Black Triangle Sighting in Jasper, Alberta on September 4th 2016 – saw a red and white flashing lights stationary in the sky over talbot lake

I was driving home from work on September 4 2016 at 10:55pm. I was driving past Talbot Lake in Jasper National Park when I noticed a red and white flashing light above the tree line. My first thought was that it was a plane, but quickly realized that it was flying too low to be one. I kept driving then realized that the lights were not moving across the sky, they remained still but continued to flash. I pulled my car over to get a better look. I was stopped for a total of 15 minutes and the lights still did not move across the sky. I turned the vehicle off to listen to see if it was a plane, but there was absolutely no sound. The lights seemed to disappear behind the clouds so I continued to drive home. About two minutes later, I looked out my window and saw the flashing lights again. They seemed to be flashing in a triangle shape. I pulled over and turned the car off again, this time for about 5 minutes. The lights again disappeared behind the clouds and I decided to start driving again. When I started my vehicle for the second time, ALL of my waring lights on the dashboard lit up. This has never happened in my car before. I am not sure of what I saw was man made or not, I do however know that I did see lights in the sky and that I am not losing my mind!

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