UFO Sighting in Castello di Brianza, Lombardia on June 30th 2009 – Bright orange globes of light.

I was at home. My cousin, that lives upstairs,called me to come to her terrace because she and her mother has seen something strange. When I was there, the sky was clear and nothing was there. But, suddenly, a brigh orange globe of light appeared in the sky, such as turning on a light slowly. It was still and motionless.It didn’t seem very big and it seemed to be high in the sky. Then, suddenly,the globe of light always more accelerated, crossing the sky from East o West, until it disappeared. No noise or sound. Then, few seconds later, another globe of light (same shape, same color, same no noise), appeared in the same position where the first one has appeared. And this new globe of light did the same things that the first one has done.

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