UFO Sighting in Crows Landing, California on September 2nd 2016 – Possible rocket booster/space junk re-entering atmosphere?

9/2/16 While driving northbound on interstate 5, in central California near Crows Landing at approximately 04:40, I saw, and filmed with my dash camera, a large object enter our atmosphere. It came in to the north of my location and was seen headed east as it descended in a slight arc. It looked like a long cylinder or tube. As it descended and gave off brilliant colors as the leading surface burned.
It was difficult to judge the actual size and distance, but I would guess it was 43 to 45 miles away. Possibly over the Auburn, Ca area. I though it could be a saucer shape, and that I was looking at it from the side edge.
From the bottom to the top of the object it looked as if it was painting a rainbow of colors as it swept across the sky at about half the speed of a shooting star. See Video at 4:46:33.

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