UFO Sighting in Wigan, England on September 5th 2016 – I have been observing nightly ufo s hovering changing directions for the past week

For the past week i have been observing objects regularly flying over wigan these ufo s have been flying across flight paths of commercial planes stopping then changing directions i have observed numerous ufos across the sky now i no what commercial airline and military planes fly and look like and no what im seeing why is the goverment or indeed no one else seem to be concerned i am of sound mind and no what im seeing what is going on these ufos are round in shape some very bright others not and im seeing thes in numbers sorry i have no footaage to show but would like somebody to take a look at these as they seem to be regular occurrence yes i am a firm beliver and just wonder what the hell is going on over wigan. Lancashire uk thanks

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