UFO Sighting in Morristown, New Jersey on December 18th 2015 – Soft, glowing orbs observed at random pattern in partially clouded, moonlit sky.

1. While dropping off son in neighborhood on drive from Burnham Road to the Hillcrest Area, I noticed softly formed hover lights, moving/changing direction.
2. I noticed the lights as I have seen them before. We live in a busy flight pattern area, so I noticed these were not planes, or helicopter lights.
3. My husband thought they could be advertising spotlights, but there was no “stream” or beam coming up from the ground, and there were more than 4 lights.
4. The objects were extremely, softly glowing orbs, moving in random pattern. There were 6-10 or more lights. They would move, criss crossing each other reflecting off both the mild, sparse, clouds, and the black sky. The moon was up (seen in video as brightest light). The lights were so soft, but definitely visible.
5. I was amazed to see these lights, as I have had frequent sightings (as reported in previous years), but this time, the lights were not in an ordered pattern, as they have been in the past. I had the start of a head ache just before I saw the lights in my neighborhood, and by the time I was out filming these, I had a horrible migraine that intensified. I do not know if this was just coincidence, but it was the worst headache I have ever had. I was amazed I was actually filming this. For once, I had a camera that was working. (Side Note – The video submitted is rasterized, as this was the only setting I could get to see the orbs even slightly in the video. The orbs were extremely pale, so I had to play with contrast in order to see the objects even at a very pale glow. ) I did not post immediately as my husband was trying to convince me these were advertising spotlights. I, of course, argued differently.
6. I left, and the objects were still flying above, or at least viewable over the Hillcrest neighborhood.

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