UFO Sighting in Waterville, Ohio on September 6th 2016 – seen object hoovering at 0550 this morning. got wife and camera and kindle to take movie/pictures of it

This morning when I went to let to go out for their morning pee I noticed something out of the corner of my eye . It was 0550 , A clear night sky .
The constellation Orion was visable along with Sirus . I was an amature astronormer for a while and am very familiar with the night sky . What I was seeing was like anything I have ever seen before . The object was hoovering/teetering about 15 degrees SW of Sirrus . Then it sort of repositioned 5 degrees higher . I went downstairs to get my wife , someone else needed to see this . She wasnt happy but came outside and also saw it . I went and got my Kindle and took two videos of it . They are not very clear as you cannnot see the lights that were on it . I am also an aircraft mechanic and have been around planes my whole life . This wasnt a plane. I will stake my life on it . Did anyone else see this ??????

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