UFO Sighting in Beirut, Beirut Governorate on October 28th 2015 – unidentified Object above Beirut

I was awake that night working inside the kitchen while I’m in front of the window, around 4:21 am when I felt like a fast light come from the window, then few min’s I start to experience and hear a weird sound from outside the window, I tried to see but I feel there is something, I opened the door and I walk up stairs.
there was no cloud at all, the weather was very clear, and I just saw two objects look like a stars. I’m not sure what is it, but they stay close then start to fade away.
then I back directly to my facebook account to post on my wall, while I shocked that in the same time there is a guy from Haifa in the capture a footage and reported the same incident with the exact same time and date.

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