UFO Sighting in Campbellton, New Brunswick on July 1st 1993 – metallic saucer (like 2 bowls on top of the other) seen in Campbellton/Restigouche 1993

Submitted to me by a source who wishes to remain anonymous:

In the early 90s, my sister and I were staying at my aunt for a few days as my parents were away. On one of the summer evenings, at around 7pm, It was a sunny evening and the clouds were fluffy and low. We decided to go for a walk by the wharf. here in Campbelllton. Nowadays, it is a fairly busy spot, more touristy, but back then it was just an empty unused wharf, a beautiful, but quiet place to walk by the river.

As we were walking I was trailing behind, but I somehow I just turned around and looked up right away. It is hard to explain but I felt there was something there, I almost felt watched. The object was hovering in the sky at a 45 degree angle to where I was standing. I could not hear a thing. My jaw dropped. I could literally not believe what I was witnessing. It was so vivid and close I could see it was metallic, I could see all the details. There was no way this would have been a balloon, a plane or a bird. It was clear as day and I was looking at a metallic hovering silent object in the sky above me. Unlike the classic saucer shaped object that I was used to seeing on TV as a kid, this one looked more rounded; almost like 2 bowls one on top of another. I could clearly see the ridges of the sides and the protruding bottom and top. I was still as a statue looking at this thing and my aunt noticed I was behind, she came up to see what I was looking at. Now, she is a very religious Christian and as soon as she saw it I felt her complete discomfort. she started laughing nervously and asked outloud, “well, what is this… it is so bizarre is it a plane? or perhaps a bird…? I could not believe she was even asking those questions, -as I mentioned earlier it was completely vivid and it would have shaken up the most skeptical person. Suddenly, we were stunned to see it maneuver, in a very organic matter, behind the fluffy cloud. It stayed there for a few seconds, then came back around and stayed stationary for another bit, then it went behind the cloud again and we never saw it again.

Another bizarre thing about this, was the fact that my sister never saw it but she was standing right there behind us. we found out a little bit later that she needed glasses; this might be why she could not see, but she remembers our reactions.

Acouple of years later, we had a group assignment to do in school and one of our subject was the paranormal, I chose to do it on UFOs because of my experience. but another girl joined me saying she really wanted to do a project on UFOs as well because she had a picture. It had been taken by a friend who worked in a lumber yard. That person wishes to remain anonymous. When I saw that pic and I was STUNNED because it was the same style of rounded saucer that I had seen and it was at around the same period. At the time there where no scanner like we have today so we made enlarged photocopies of the picture for our project. I had lost my copy of the project over the years, and a couple of years ago I reconnected with this girl and asked her if she still had the picture. Unfortunately it belonged to her friend whom she did not have contact with.

And a few days ago, she sent me this picture a copy of that project. She had found it in her mother’s house.

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