UFO Sighting in Hopkinton, New Hampshire on September 7th 2016 – First one red orb rose above tree line, then two more followed. They hovered, then began to move slowly over me and away and up.

I went out to start my Jeep this morning at 4:30 am and as I was waiting for it to warm I looked up and saw a bright red orb coming straight up over the tree line in front of me. It was moving very slow and then two more came up side by side after it, also moving very slow. I turned off the Jeep and its lights and got out of the car to watch. They made no sound, but seemed to hover for a moment, then the first one started to move over me probably about two trees high. The other two waited a moment and started to follow, and moved away and toward each other a bit as they too followed the lead one. I got my phone and took video. It lasted about 5 minutes as they went over me and continued to move slowly toward the sky until they one by one got so high the light couldn’t be seen any more. I video’d it for the whole time, but when I got to work to check it out, only 5 seconds was filmed and I only got the two that followed for that time.
They were beautiful and moved so gracefully and slowly, and silently. I was in awe!!

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