UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 2nd 1994 – Silver Metallic Disk seen in broad daylight hovering above highway. Had a somewhat hypnotic trance-like effect on both me and wife as we could not talk to each other during main part of sighting.

My wife and I were traveling in our car on Route 76 heading East towards Philadelphia on June 2nd, 1994 when we both saw something amazing around 3 p.m. in broad daylight. We have only shared this story with a few close friends until now. The reason we still know the exact date is we went to a concert and I was able to look up the date of the concert we attended.

As we got very close to Philadelphia somewhere very close to King of Prussia in Montgomery County PA, WE SAW IT! There it was hovering right in the middle of the highway! It was a very shiny silver metallic disc hovering right above the road.

When we first noticed it, we were heading toward it as we were going East. We were about 2000-3000 feet away and heading right at it. It could not have been much more than 80-100 feet above the road in our Eastbound lanes.

There were a few other cars on this highway going in both directions but not too many. I immediately glanced at other cars to see if they were seeing the same thing we were seeing, but no other cars were close enough to us to get anyone’s attention. We did not see any cars react to the UFO’s presence which surprised me because I expected to see people pulling over by now. This is about the point where things get a little strange.

I immediately focused back onto the craft and remember thinking how special this sighting was, so I wanted to look for any details I could see. I purposely focused on the edges of the disc and they seemed to be fuzzy or oscillating because I could not get clear vision of the edges of the disc shaped craft. The rest of the craft was a typical disc shape with a slight domed top just like I had seen in movies. The fuzzy edges was what was amazing to me at the time. This is also about the point where I remember not being able to speak to my wife. I literally tried and wanted to yell out to her something like “Are you seeing this?” but I could not talk. It was like the thing had me in a hypnotic or trance like state at the time. I knew she was looking at this thing too because I could tell in my peripheral vision she was staring at it the whole time too. I later confirmed with her that she too was being affected by this thing and she could not talk or shout over to me either. It was like it had a “lock” on us.

The other very strange thing is here I was driving down the highway at the time about 65 MPH and I had no fear of wrecking my vehicle or even having to pay attention to the road. It was almost like time slowed down and things appeared like it was slow motion. As we approached this disc, I had locked my eyes onto it for what seemed like at least 1 full minute (trying to be accurate here).

I remember we were getting closer to it as it got larger as we approached it. As we were about 800-1000 feet away from it, it decides to finally move. It first moved up slowly and gained a little more altitude. It then slowly started to go South and hovered south until it was well off the highway. About the time I passed it, it was due South of us. But still only about 2000-4000 feet away from us and still pretty close to the ground. Maybe 100-150 feet off the ground.

About the time we passed it, is when it freed the “lock” it had on us from speaking to each other. My wife starts yelling at me to turn around and go after the thing. I am, at that point, still in a state of shock and still trying to catch the last few glimpses of this thing before it was gone.

I started leaning over in her lap to look out my wife’s window at it since I knew we would lose sight of it very soon since I was still heading East. It flew slowly over a rise in the terrain and I could no longer see it as it was southwest of us by then.

It wasn’t like it flew off fast at all. It just gradually moved over to that rise and it was still over there when we lost sight of it. My wife and I had a nice long debate about whether we should find the nearest exit and try to hunt the thing down. After the trance-like state it had us in, we both agreed it would be wise not to try to confront it any further and so we proceeded down the highway to our original destination. We have some regrets we didn’t exit the highway to try to go find it.

That is what happened to us many years ago in 1994. We both are still together and she and I always talk about our amazing sighting to each other. We are sorry we did not report our incident more closer to the day it happened, but we remember it very well and we will never forget that day. Ever.

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