UFO Newsletter Issue: “AFU Newsletter”

No. 37 – January 1992 – December 1993
(Archives for UFO Research (AFU), Norrköping, Sweden)
Source: Archives For the Unexplained (AFU), Norrköping, Sweden
The newsletter contains the article (written by Clas Svahn) titled “Security police investigates ‘cigar’ sighting.”

Quote from the above mentioned article (Page 4):
“UFO sightings in broad daylight involving several witnesses are not common. However, such an incident took place at Håknäs, 40 km south of Umeå in the north of Sweden, in the autumn of 1991 (25 August 1991). As long as the investigation is in process, the witnesses must remain anonymous. This is one of many cases where representatives of the Swedish security police (SÄPO) have been ordered, by the milltary forces, to investigate a UFO sighting.

Sources: Telephone interviews with two of the witnesses on March 2, 1992, several conversations with the security department at the infantry regiment and with the security police officer.”

Map of Sweden (and most of Scandinavia) (lib.utexas.edu)
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